Lumbar rolls for back support

Over the years, lumbar rolls have literally helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain through simple posture adjustment.

Lumbar roll image


There are many products on the market claiming to ease suffering from back pain. One product which does have research evidence to support  claims to improve posture and ease back pain is the LUMBAR ROLL – a back support cushion.

How it works:

The lumbar roll, positioned at just above the waistband level when sitting, stimulates the user to maintain a better sitting position. It is shaped such that the flat back side sits flush to the chair and the curved side mimics the contour of the lumbar spine. This is held in place by an elastic designed to fit most chairs, allowing it to be moved without difficulty from car to office and so on.

We recommend having several that you can leave one in the car, office, lounge and so on.  This will ensure a continual support for your back.

Getting technical – how the the lumbar roll can be effective as a back support:

The lumbar roll promotes back support through normal alignment of the lower back when sitting.  When we sit we have a tendency to slump. In this slumped position the muscles at the bottom of the back are put on a continual stretch and so cannot work as well, additionally the lumbar discs are pushed backwards and can start to press on the nerves. Furthermore in order to maintain an upright posture if the lumbar spine curves backwards the chin has to jut forwards, this is often a contributing factor to neck and shoulder pain.

Who Could Benefit from a lumbar roll?

  • Anyone spending hours working in a seated position whether driving or sitting at a desk
  • People with generally achy backs
  • Anyone who experiences neck and shoulder pain when working at a computer.
  • Back pain which is causing pain going down one leg

Who Probably Won’t Benefit from a lumbar roll;

  • Anyone with narrowing of the spinal canal. If the tube that the spinal cord passes through is narrow this causes symptoms such as pain down both legs. These people will find that their pain may be worse with the use of a lumbar roll, but better in a slouched position.
  • If using a chair which already has a lumbar support built in. The addition of another lumbar support may exaggerate the lumbar lordosis too much.

Where can I purchase a Feather Comfort lumbar roll in Harare?

Lumbar rolls are $21 each.
Several of our outlets supply lumbar rolls, these include:

Feather Comfort – direct
Telephone: 04 885158/ 0776 521 361 (Anne) or 0779 162 005 (Tracey)

Hands-On Physiotherapy
72A King George Road, Avondale, Harare
Telephone: (4) 339030 / 0772 320 223 / 0778 715 816

Klinkin Pvt (Ltd)
56 Kingsmead Road East, Borrowdale, Harare
Telephone: (4) 870274 / 0772 600 517