Manufacturing beautiful feather pillows began way back in 1989. There was a gap in the market and feather pillows were difficult to find.

When you look at the high quality of the pillows and duvets Feather Comfort produce today – it is nostalgic  to recall the humble beginnings:  A tin bath used to wash the feathers  by hand; nets on the ground for drying the feathers and a simple home sewing machine to sew the pillows and duvet covers.

As time went on Andy designed a number of machines that helped wash and dry the feathers.  He then made a machine that separated the feather from the down . In those early days duck and goose down was purchased and added to the chicken feathers;  this combo made the most beautiful puffy duvets and pillows.

There was always a problem obtaining the correct fabric – local cotton was used – but it was not woven fine enough to stop feather going through.  Different finishes were experimented with, but nothing worked 100%.

During the high inflationary times, Feather Comfort  managed to keep going.  That is a time to forget………. The future is now our focus

2008, with the dollarization,  the business had a turn-around –there  are now opportunities to import  beautiful  duck down and feather,( already washed and sterilized and exported around the world) and 100% cotton feather-proofing fabric .

Manufacturing  our own duvets and pillows – means we know what is going into your  bedding. Each pillow is carefully filled with duck down and feather – weighed to give a soft, medium or firm fill.  There is an art to making duvets – again carefully filled with the softest duck down and feather and made into channels or squares.

Buying your duvets and pillows from Feather Comfort, you know you are buying  quality   that is equal to anything you can buy in SA or overseas – and you are buying  it right here in Zimbabwe !