Hotels and Lodges


Guests around Zimbabwe, from Hwange to Eastern Highlands, have been enjoying the sheer luxury of duck-down and feather products on their beds.   It may come as a surprise to learn these beautiful soft duvets and comfortable pillows are all manufactured here in Zimbabwe; using imported duck-down and feather and feather proofing fabric.

Your guests will be sure to notice and comment on the luxury of  duck-down and feather  bedding  – who wouldn’t ? To sleep under a duck-down duvet is the ultimate in comfort, and compliments your establishment.

There are many advantages  to Feather Comfort manufacturing in Zimbabwe:

  • Ordering is so easy – no borders to cross, customs duty and no long time delays
  •  You can feel and see the duvets and pillows first hand, at the Feather Comfort showroom
  • Do you need extra warm duvets for the winter in Hwange? – no problem at all.
  • Extra long duvets for those custom made beds –  we make them all the time
  • You know you are buying bedding that is a high standard and has stood the test of time
  • Delivery is in and around Zimbabwe – overnight in most cases
  • This is bedding made for Zimbabwean climate e.g. summer and winter weight duvets
  • Feather Comfort has had extensive experience in supplying hotels, lodges and interior designers, over the years.
  • You will achieve almost immediate return on your investment…. Client satisfaction
  • For trade inquiries please email us on