Washing Instructions

FEATHER  COMFORT duck down and feather  PILLOWS  and DUVETS  can be washed:-

  1. Hand washed in a bath… OR
  2. Machine washed –  set on a gentle  cold wash.

Both methods must be thoroughly rinsed.
Do not panic   when you look at the bedraggled bedding – when wet, it looks as if it has lost its filling.!   As the down and feathers dry they  slowly plump and fluff up to their full loft.

  1.  Hang out to dry outside – not during the wet season. You need dry warm wind.  Every now and again – gently rub the pillow and duvet to fluff up the down and feather.  It will take time – a couple of days.
  2. Tumble dry – put two clean tennis balls in with the duvet and pillow  – they will gently fluff the down and feather.

We do not recommend you wash your duvets and pillows too often – once a year is all that is necessary.
The odd stain can be spot cleaned. The secret is in making sure it is completely dry.
Enjoy your duvets and pillows………. At the end of the day they are there to give you a good nights sleep.